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STRATEGY, transformation AND

digital innovation MANAGEMENT

In complex, uncertain and ambiguous competing environments, a Digital Innovation strategy allows your company to have a growth opportunities and revenue generating sustainable source, make more efficient your operation and include digital components & tools to maximize your investments, reduce costs and achieve a real Business Transformation.

Through the use of different techniques and tools, NPD Strategy helps you to design and implement an ad hoc & systematized Digital Innovation Program for your organization and turning it into another critical business process.

Our consulting services are holistically focused in the following areas: 1) Business Model & Strategy assessment, 2) Digital Agenda & Roadmap development and alignment, 3) Leadership, Culture & Organizational structure analysis, 4) Talent Digital Skills & Competences development, 5) Customer Experience (CX) analysis and development, 6) Commercialization & Go-To-Market strategy and 7) Change Management control throughout the transformation process and Digital Operation (lean & agile) throughout the lifecycle and 8) Technology Solutions to digitize business processes.

new products & services


NPD Strategy works with all the functional areas across your organization to leverage methods by which technology-based products and services can be rapidly designed, built and scaled. We develop frameworks through which partners and clients can assess readiness to adopt emerging technologies, analyze gaps in their current products and services and measure their effectiveness.

Our methology considers 6 critical areas where  NPD Strategy consulting services can add a value:       1) Opportunities Identification & Selection, 2) Products / Services Ideas Generation, 3) Products / Services Concepts Evaluation, 4) Agile Development, 5) Testing & Rapid Prototyping and 6) Launch / Commercialization.


Digital Product Management

consulting SERVICeS

Aimed at the most strategic roles of your products & services lifecycle, NPD Strategy helps you to create a framework with practical tools applicable to your day to day. Either as a single role or as separate areas in your organization, NPD Strategy Product Management services focus in two specific disciplines:

Product Planning

Responsible for the analysis of different market conditions, as well as the definition of product & services atributes, features and functionalities.

Product Marketing

Responsible for the Go To Market strategy and the definition of products & services pricing, promotion, distribution, packaging and positioning.

If your company doesn’t have a formal Product Management structure, NPD Strategy offers its expertise, methodologies and tools to support your products & services operation with our Product Management as a Service managed service offering.

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