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Excelling your skills in Product Management is a critical sucess factor for your company. To address this in NPD Strategy we’ve developed the NPD Strategy Product Management Framework which is used as reference to share the best and effective practices in the disciplines of Products and Services Planning & Marketing.

Mastering Product Management discusses in detail each of the phases, activities and deliverables indicated in our framework. Our framework considers the use of the NPD Strategy Product Management Toolbox, a toolkit with more than 60 powerful practical templates that supports and enable its implementation in your company.

As a value added, the program also gets you ready to apply to our prestigious Master Product Management certification.

The syllabus considers a deep dive in each of the NPD Strategy Product Management Framework phases, tools used in each phase and the expected activities in your role as Product Manager:

  • The Product Manager role
  • Opportunities identification y selection
  • Products and services concepts generation
  • Products and services concepts evaluation
  • Product development
  • Product Launch
  • Lifecycle (Commercialization, extension and decommisioning)

Program level: Advanced

Delivery method:

  • All Private programs (In-Company or virtual) ise examples, use cases, exercises and other references of your industry. Apreliminary assessment of the situation in your company is included as part of of our service to tailoring your necessities and best use for your audience.
  • Online programs are delivered through our NEW Online Academy platform.


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